Standalone Plans

If you want to take advantage of the fully integrated 401(k) plan offered by Slavic401k, but are not a part of a PEO, Service Bureau, or other multiple employer plan serviced by Slavic401k, you can still sponsor your own plan. Slavic401k will still serve as the third party administrator, recordkeeper, and registered investment advisor.

As the plan sponsor, you will be able to turn over much of the administrative responsibilities of the 401(k) to Slavic401k.

The services we provide are extensive:

  • Develop your investment policy statement, which determines how the plan is run
  • Sign on as a co-fiduciary on the plan so that you don’t bear that burden yourself
  • Provide investment advice to both the investment committee and the participants
  • Perform the required discrimination tests
  • Produce statements and notifications
  • Process contributions, loans, and distributions
  • Generate IRS forms like the 5500

Our philosophy for individual plans is very similar to our philosophy with multiple employer plans: provide low-cost investments that perform well, provide an efficient investment and administration platform that helps lower overall costs for participants, and keep customer service a priority.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact a Slavic401k representative.