Here for MEP Sponsors & PEOs, since day one.

More Than Just a Service Provider

We’ve been a service provider to the PEO industry for decades, but multiple employer 401(k) plans aren’t just one component of our business — they are our business. Serving the PEO industry is the heartbeat of Slavic. Our business was designed to meet the unique needs of the PEO giving us the experience and depth of knowledge that is unrivaled as a 401(k) service provider

Excellence in Plan Administration

Poorly administered plans are a real headache for the Plan Sponsor. When it comes to testing & compliance, our proven record of excellence & execution provides you with the assurance you need to serve adopting employers & employees well.

From top-heavy testing to Safe Harbor, ADP, ACP & everything in between, our laser focus on compliance keeps your relationship with your clients free from 401k-related problems.

The Expertise You Need to Grow Your PEO

Our expertise as a Multiple Employer Plan (MEP) 401(k) provider starts at the top. Our Founder & President, John Slavic, is not only a respected financial expert, but was one of the pioneers of the MEP 401k. John has been there to watch the PEO industry grow every step of the way, and he and the entire Slavic team have an unparalleled knowledge of the nuances of the PEO - worksite - employee relationship.

Bringing the 401(k) to the table can be a real selling point for your PEO.Our trusted name within the industry offers both credibility and peace of mind for worksites & participants alike.

Backed by the Best

Slavic401k is one of Fidelity’s fastest-growing recordkeepers. With the PEO as the plan sponsor, Slavic as the back office, and Fidelity as the custodian, our impeccable reputation within the industry is undergirded by Fidelity’s six-plus decades of financial strength.

We are one of the fastest growing 401(k) providers in the United States.

Technology Services

At Slavic, a focus on technology is paramount. We offer seamless integration into your payroll system, and maintain a team of internal technology experts at the ready to keep things running smoothly 24 x 7.

Our technology services include:
  • Single user login
  • Mobile-friendly user interface
  • Payroll integration