Employee Stability Equals Business Stability.

Everybody Wins with a Slavic 401(k) Plan

In today’s market, the 401(k) is no longer an optional benefit. It’s an essential ingredient for your businesses’ success.

Attract & retain top talent, and create a happier, more stable workforce by offering your employees a Slavic 401(k) plan. Happier employees stick with your business longer, ensuring you have the depth for your business to continue to scale.

Low on Fees, High on Value

Our plan administration fees are among the lowest in the industry, allowing more of your money to stay where it’s needed; in running and growing your business.

Weighing your options between your own independent 401(k) plan or participation in a Multiple Employer Plan (MEP)? Consider the $6,000 - $10,000 annual audit cost savings (an IRS requirement for businesses of 100+) afforded you by adopting an MEP plan. There is no individual audit requirement for your company inside an MEP. Also outsourcing the administration and Fiduciary responsibility to the MEP sponsor saves time and money.

We Keep You Compliant

Slavic’s proven track record of compliance keeps you free from unwelcome and unexpected 401k-related penalties.

401k compliance & testing issues can cause significant problems for you, the employer. If your plan is not administered correctly, you can be hit with fines & penalties that can cut into the bottom line of any business, and that can be crippling for a small business.

Future proof Advantages for You, the Business Owner

One of the biggest pain points for any business owner is surrendering your hard-earned money over in the form of taxes; which seem to be continually increasing.

A Safe Harbor plan, in tandem with a profit sharing arrangement, allows a business owner to put away up to $53,000 in pre-tax 401(k) contributions. What’s more, those funds are exempt from litigation, ensuring a solid financial foundation for you and your family no matter what perils business ownership may throw your way.

In many cases, a 401(k) that’s well-funded over the course of decades can end up having a higher valuation than your business itself when the time comes for you to hang up your hat.

With Slavic, You’re Never in the Dark

Slavic’s technology infrastructure puts transparency & communication first. Our monthly Sponsor Express email keeps you informed of the balance and performance of your plan, and, our quarterly participant statement, is accompanied by our Founder & President John Slavic’s Financial Monitor - giving you invaluable insights on the trajectory of the market and of the U.S. economy as a whole.

  • Sponsor Express
  • quarterly statement
  • financial monitor

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